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Website for French Bailey

From inspiration….

French Bailey Website Design Inspiration
French Bailey is a start-up Jewelry company that uses unexpected materials from all over the world to craft distinctive designs.  Named after the 2 founders’ mothers (Ellen French & Susan Bailey), the site is both a display of the company’s craftsmanship and an homage to the inspiration of family.

At Cadence Labs, we created a full page web design for French Bailey that captivates customers and compels them to continue exploring French Bailey’s online catalogue. Featuring large, high-resolution backgrounds and an elegantly intuitive layout we matched their web style to French Bailey’s brand.

French Bailey’s founders say: “we’re about potential. In ourselves, our designs, our materials and our world”.  Cadence Labs helped the start-up company tap into that potential, extending their creativity from products to the web.

…to Compelling New Site!

WordPress for Small Business



Easy to Edit

Small businesses need to know how to manage their content. Cadence Labs makes it easy with WordPress.


We helped French Bailey choose how best to display their products on the web.  These consultations helped us work together to generate a beautifully functional website.


AddThis is a social media plugin that makes it easy to share and follow.  We used AddThis to make it easy for French Bailey to monitor their social media traction.

Worry Free

Hackers Beware: WordPress is a very secure platform for small businesses that don’t want to worry about their site being compromised.

All Bang (without the Budget)


WordPress is where small business meets maximized functionality.  Hosting a WordPress website on Nexcess.net is usually $15/month. Once the site is up, that monthly fee is all you pay for.

Layout Variety

We designed a wide variety of layouts for French Bailey.  This made it easy for the company to generate a variety of pages from informational to blog posts, catalogs to contact forms.

Saved for Web

To ensure rapid loading of the French Bailey website, we saved their images for Web (and taught them how to do this for future photos).


When French Bailey is ready for eCommerce, WordPress will be a great platform for their small business.  Using WordPress will help them to extend their functionality later on down the line if they choose to add in components like an online store.

The Results

French Bailey’s new, integrative website design is elegant and on-brand.  For now, the website’s low-maintenance platform is perfect for a start-up company – but when they’re ready to expand, their website will be, too.

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