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Are you looking to make some improvements to your app? For instance do you need performance improvements, ensure your app is secure, or maybe even considering adding a new feature such as receiving payments on your mobile app? An audit is the best way to determine your app’s status and the cost to do new projects.

Here at Cadence Labs, our Mobile Application Audit is more than just a quick code test—it’s a service performed by a senior mobile app developer. Our expert developers will review not only your mobile application’s code base and dependencies but all aspects of your app including:

  • Your usage and crash analytics
  • Server logs
  • Project history in git
  • General code quality

At the completion of the audit we will provide you with a written report that includes estimates for resolving any uncovered issues and for any of the services you are interested in having our team tackle.

Select from one of our standard audit packages below, or work with us for a customized audit to fit your needs & budget!

Mobile App Security Audit

  • General best practices
  • Insecure data storage
  • Untrusted inputs and data leakage
  • SSL issues

Mobile App Codebase Health Audit

  • React-Native/Ionic version upgrade
  • Codebase organization for better development flow
  • JavaScript or other console errors
  • Dependency Version mismatches

Mobile App Testing and Deployment Audit

  • Improve code coverage for unit tests
  • Develop integration tests
  • Automation of testing and deployment
  • Fix testing or automation issues

Ready to have us audit your app?

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