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AngularJS Development In Boulder, Colorado

AngularJS is a modern-age JavaScript Framework built and maintained by the highly talented Google engineers. It is used to build highly-interactive and dynamic applications.

AngularJS Developers In Colorado

Cadence Labs’ office is located in the middle of downtown Boulder, Colorado on Pearl Street. We love working with local clients, and work with a number of companies across Colorado. We’ve used AngularJS heavily since version 1.0 was released in December 2012, and we’d love to leverage our experience on your next project. If you need support for an existing AngularJS application, or are looking for help starting a project with it, we can provide talented, knowledgeable developers to get your project done quickly and on budget. Contact us now for a free consultation.

Why AngularJS?

We’ve covered some great reasons…but here’s a few more:

  • Google Built It – You can be sure that you’re dealing with efficient and reliable code that will scale with your project. If you’re looking for a framework with a solid foundation, AngularJS is your choice!
  • Its RESTful friendly – With one line of JavaScript, you can quickly talk to the server and get the data you need to interact with your web pages.
  • Testing is a Breeze – It was designed from ground up to be testable. It encourages behavior-view separation, comes pre-bundled with mocks, and takes full advantage of dependency injection. It also comes with end-to-end scenario runner which eliminates test flakiness by understanding all the inner workings.
  • Powerful Server Communication – AngularJS provides built-in services on top of XHR as well as various other backends using third party libraries and further simplifies your code by the asynchronous handling of return data.

Get Started With Us

If you need some help with AngularJS, head over to our Contact Us page or give us a call at 719-286-0751. We’re happy to chat about your needs with you, and provide you an initial consultation free of charge. We’re smart, transparent —and most importantly—we strive to be the best developers you ever work with. Period.

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Cadence Labs is an AngularJS development agency based in Boulder, Colorado.
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