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Need a Magento Security Audit?

Secure Your Magento Site

Cadence Labs offers comprehensive security services for merchants using the Magento platform. Our full service security audit is designed to identify potential vulnerabilities in your current Magento implementation. Furthermore, we can assist you in restoring your site to normal after a hack or data breach. Fill out the form to receive a quote for your Magento security needs or see below for our security checklist.

Our Magento Security Audit includes:

A complete application & server review by a Magento Certified Developer:

  • Review of your Magento codebase, including custom code & third-party modules.
  • Review of your server environment.
  • Review of your admin panel configuration & team processes.
  • Review of Magento version and security patches.

After auditing we provide you with recommendations to improve security, such as:

  • Adaptive filtering recommendations for NGINX and Apache.
  • Code-level changes for customizations or third-party extensions.
  • Installing missing security updates or patches.
  • Changes to your internal process & admin settings. 
  • Assistance constructing an Incident Response Plan.

At the completion of our audit we provide you a full report that covers these four areas:

  • Application & Environment Vulnerabilities
  • Application Brute Force Entry Points
  • Malware Scan Report for common Magento Attacks
  • Security Best Practices

We’ve tailored our Security Audit for Magento over the years, and continue to work on it as new threats are identified by the Magento community.


Why trust us?

Our team has years of experience, and we’ve even co-presented a talk with Magento, Inc. on security at the Imagine 2017 conference.

Imagine 2017 Presentation: The Future of Active Magento Cyber Security

Featuring Cadence Labs CEO, Alan Barber

Watch the Video

Tips for Keeping Your Magento Store Secure

No eCommerce store owner wants to be the subject of a hack. The consequences of being hacked can be costly, both in the damage to your brand image and in fees & penalties from government and credit card companies alike. Depending on the location of your business, the amount of sales you do and other factors, those penalties can be enough to put your business OUT of business.

Magento Security Checklist

The first step in making sure that your Magento store is secure is keeping up to date with patches or upgrades as they are released by Magento.  If you haven’t already, sign up to be notified about new Magento patches here. Patches should be installed as quickly as possible after they are released, but they should always be tested. Besides patches there are many other ways to secure your site and help protect yourself from being hacked. Here is our general Magento security checklist:


Run a Regular PCI and Malware Scan


Use Strong Passwords and Change Regularly


Limit Admin Users Access


Use Two-factor Authentication


Install Patches and Update Extensions


Block Brute Force Attacks


Protect GIT and system directories


Use only SFTP / SSH / HTTPS Connections

Even though you may be taking all the right measures to protect yourself and your customers, you should still create an Incident Response Plan with your team. Having a plan in place will help you act in a timely manner and cut down on penalties!

Magento Site Hacked? We Can Help!

If your Magento store has already been compromised, you need to take action immediately! We offer services to help companies recover from and prevent future intrusions — give us a call at (719) 286-0751 or fill out the form above to request a quote.

If you’re interested in tackling the hack yourself, we recommend taking a look at the steps Magento outlined in their Disaster Recovery plan.

Why Work With Cadence Labs?

When you work with Cadence Labs you’re working with the best designers and developers who have years of experience crafting great websites. We pride ourselves on supporting our clients with high-touch, personalized service that meets your needs and works with your budget. Our team is based across the US with our headquarters and management team in Boulder, Colorado. 

Expert Developers with years of experience

one hundred percent of our team is located in the U.S.A.

Over 100 companies have chosen Cadence Labs!

At the end of the day, our goal is to have a lasting partnership with our clients. That's why nine years later over 80% of our clients are still working with us—and the majority of our new business comes from referrals. We strive to provide the highest possible service, so we hire the best and brightest. Each member of our team brings years of eCommerce experience to table. Whether you need support, a quick fix, or help building and implementing a custom solution or team can help you through the process from discovery to launch!

We have been working with Cadence Labs since 2015, and during that time they have been exceptional partners that we've grown to count on for everything from design, consultation, development and helping to clean up work from prior developers. We chose Cadence because we wanted a company that would provide personal service and they have not disappointed. They are responsive, pro-active, available and incredibly pleasant to deal with on a day-to-day basis.

David White

Director, Customer Experience Marketing , The Synergy Company

Interested In Working with Cadence Labs?

Cadence Labs is a Magento eCommerce agency based in Boulder, Colorado, which specializes in securing Magento sites. We help eCommerce businesses every day to address their security needs. Let us help you!

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