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Our Advantage is our Process

There is more than one reason why Cadence Labs is able to succeed at projects that other agencies fail to complete. By creating a process that works for both the client and the team, we have a system that ensures projects are done successfully and efficiently.

How We Scope Your Project

Knowing the full scope of your project is key to ensuring that the project is completed successfully. Many agencies use third party sales consultants to land projects or have individuals who are not developers estimate the scope of work. This results in oversight from the very beginning of the project. 

Cadence Labs takes on your project with a thoughtful review by both founders, each of whom have over 10 years of experience in web development and eCommerce consulting. Our team carefully scopes your project and consults with you to ensure you and your team are aware of all of your responsibilities on the project. 

When our scoping and assessment process with you is completed, we outline the full scope of the project in our contractual agreement to ensure you have all of the necessary information in a legally binding document. 

The Kickoff

We start every new project with a kickoff meeting that reviews with both our team and yours all of the following information:

  • Project requirements
  • Cadence’s deliverables to the client
  • Client’s deliverables to Cadence
  • Timeline and deliverable due dates

Once we’ve reviewed the project and assigned the deliverables to specific individuals, we will also review with you any pain points or potential pitfalls that could impede the project’s progress. For example if products need to be imported, is that data ready, or does it require manipulation before it can be imported?

Project Sprints

After we kick off the start of your new project we’ll begin working on tasks in a sprint cycle. Sprint length is generally one or two weeks long, and is determined by the size of the project. At the end of each sprint we will share with you all of the completed tasks and items ready for acceptance testing.

By working through larger projects in sprints we are able to keep track of the overall budget and progress of the project. For instance, if in our 3rd sprint we were expecting to complete the product page design and that item is still outstanding, then we can factor that into the next sprint and bring up any budget concerns with you at that point.

As sprints are completed we will also meet with you directly to discuss the project, review deliverables and and go over items ready for acceptance testing. By doing regular meetings with all of the stakeholders we can help you stay on track and avoid any pitfalls.

Acceptance Testing

When managing a large project with a variety of moving pieces, making sure each item that is completed is also approved by the client is essential to understanding where the project is as a whole. We complete acceptance testing throughout the project with the client and then complete a final round of acceptance testing at the end of the project. Our final round of acceptance testing includes a review of the following:

  • Cross browser testing on all the major browsers and devices.
  • Usability testing to ensure that the website passes Google’s Mobile Usability testing tool.
  • Speed testing to ensure that the website is correctly functioning and optimized.
  • Form, checkout and other submission testing. 

We also offer additional optional services for clients which include load testing, security testing and more depending on the platform and your specific requirements for the project.

Project Launch

Once all of the acceptance criteria has been met and the project is ready to go live, we will schedule a project with you to launch your new website, functionality or design. As part of our launch process we can help you implement any necessary redirects, set up DNS records and submit sitemaps.

Post launch, we also provide support for uncaught bugs, site monitoring and SEO monitoring to ensure that the transition is going smoothly.

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