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Magento Maintenance Services

Do you need help with ongoing maintenance for your Magento based website?

Let us help ensure your website stays up-to-date and secure. You’ll get access to a team that can help you with marketing initiatives, API integrations, performance improvements and much more! We offer flexible retainer style agreements for companies of all sizes, starting at just 10 hours a month!

Magento Maintenance

Support as you need it, how you need it!

We’re more than just a development shop, we’re your online partner!  From making recommendations to keeping your site secure, our team has years of experience you can rely on. Our developers can handle everything from hacks to minor bug fixes, and our consultants can give you the advice you need to stay current, secure and successful online. We work with all manner of clients: from small non-profits to large companies doing over $250,000 a day in sales.

What makes us different?

We’re not the biggest agency, but that’s okay. We treat our work, our team and our clients differently. Our goal is to have a long-lasting, successful partnership with our clients. For us, that means quality over quantity.


Human Support

Unlike many agencies our support is personalized, you’ll have direct access to Gillian or Leah – NOT a ticketing a system.

Certified + expert

All of our developers have been working on Magento for 6+ years. All of our developers are certified by Magento!

Tested + Recommended

90% of our clients are from another client who recommended. Want a reference? We have plenty you can talk to.

100% U.s. based

All of our team is based right here in America. We don’t outsource your project to an overseas team and then markup their rates.

How does this work?

Maintenance is different for every site and every client. That’s why we work with you to develop an ongoing retainer that is right for your business. Our Magento maintanance services start at just 10 hours a month. Use the hours towards anything you want and give us the freedom to help you as new patches are released or when your website breaks.

What do you get with your maintenance retainer? Here’s a full list of what we include:


Security Patches

As new security patches come out we install them on your dev site, test and deploy them for you.

Emergency Help

We monitor your site for downtime, alert you if an issue arises and work with you to fix it ASAP!


Need to know how to do something? We’ll train you and your team as needed on anything Magento (even extensions).

Version Control

We’ll install, setup and (if you’d like) teach you how to use GIT. Need to roll back? We’ll can help you revert without loosing orders or causing new issues.

Development Site

Test out changes, extensions, and other updates on our dev site before they go live.


Starting at 10 hours a month, we reserve hours for you in our schedule.

Roll Over

Didn’t use all your hours this month? We’ll let you roll over hours for up to 3 months.

Free Access

Get free access to a variety of online tools and services through your partnership.

Free Access to Great Tools + Services!


Interested In Working with Cadence Labs?

Reach out today and we can discuss how our retainer style maintanence can work for you.
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