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Need to Speed Up Your Magento Site?

Optimizing Magento

When it comes to eCommerce, having a fast website can set you apart from the competition. However, knowing how to optimize your Magento website is not always easy. That’s where our team of expert developers comes in! We specialize in optimizing Magento based websites for speed and have experience with a wide range of optimization techniques including fixing sluggish extensions, implementing mod_pagespeed, implementing varnish, and much more.


Our Services include:

  • Magento performance audits
  • Magento PageSpeed install & setup
  • Magento server & database tuning
  • Magento theme or extension optimization
  • Magento Varnish configuration
  • Magento FPC Configuration
  • Magento hosting Improvements or hosting migration

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Benefits of speed optimization:

Not sure why you should optimize your eCommerce site for speed? Take a look at some of these benefits and our case study below. 


Improved Search engine Rankings


Increased Conversion Rate


Increased Team Efficiency


Decreased Bounce rate

Magento pageSpeed Optimization Case Study

Recently, RepFitness.com reached out to us to see if we could improve their Google Pagespeed score. They had been told by their previous agency that improving the Google Pagespeed score could not be done on a Magento site. When we pulled up their site we were shocked to see they had an actual ZERO on the Google Pagespeed test. Clearly something could be done to improve this score!  Our team jumped in and used Google’s Pagespeed Module which was developed by Google to help speed up the web. See the results of this single change below.

Google Pagespeed Insights Test:

Before Speed Optimization: 

Desktop Page speed
After Speed Optimization: 
Desktop Page speed
Mobile Page speed
Mobile Page speed

The Results

As you can see from the above before and after screen shots, we were able to take this website from a 0 to a 90s score. This was done without changing the theme, server, or extensions on the website. As we’ve discovered, most Magento based websites can be moved into at least the 90s on the Google Pagespeed tool without major changes.

The Google Pagespeed tool isn’t the only way to measure a website’s speed and load times. We also took before and after screen shots of Web Page Test and Pingdom. On all of the tests there was a clear difference in scores and the client noticed the site was visibly faster in both the frontend and in the admin panel.

Finally, because the changes we make are automated and require little maintenance, the client can be confident that their scores remain high. Our optimization strategies won’t require much additional work in the future to maintain.

How we optimize Magento

The first task when it comes to optimizing a Magento based website is to audit it and understand the constraints of the project. By Auditing Magento we can see what limitations the site or server has and help you, the client, to understand where you’ll get the most value and how much optimization will cost.

Once the audit is completed our team puts together a scope of work for the optimization project. We will also make other recommendations where we feel they are appropriate. A typical optimization project will include the following kinds of updates.

  • Mod_pagespeed install
  • Merge and minify CSS & JS
  • Upgrading to PHP7
  • Setting up a CDN
  • Cleanup of unused scripts, extensions, etc.
  • Installing a module to prioritize critical CSS.
  • Diagnosing and fixing extensions which are poorly built and slowing down the site.

Our Process:






Optimization Project


Optimization Report

Have us optimize your Magento site

If you need some help with optimizing your Magento site fill out the form below to get started. We’re happy to chat about your project with you, and provide you an initial consultation free of charge. Cadence Labs has been in business since 2014, and our team has completed optimization projects for a wide range of websites. We strive to be the best developers you ever work with. Period.

We offer our optimization services for Magento 1.x and 2.x versions.

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