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Migration to Magento 2 for ToyTec Lifts

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ToyTec Before
ToyTec Lifts is a a manufacturer and retailer of lift kits, accessories and more for Toyota trucks which started in 2004. Their direct-to-consumer business model means that they can offer better pricing for their kits than other brands. While doing a large amount of business directly to consumers they also offer dealers the ability to resell their products.

The team at ToyTec came to us looking for a new Magento developer. Their previous developers had both failed to complete the functionality they needed and get the site to a stable launching point. As we began work on the site we uncovered that many of the features which ToyTec had been told were completed were actually not working or completed at all.

Roughly six months after we started working with ToyTec we finally launched their new and improved site! Learn more about what created for them below.

…To This!

Magento 2 Customization

duplicate categories

Sets: A New Product Type

The standard Magento product types allow for customers to configure and add multiple products to their cart at once, these are called bundled products. However, Magento doesn’t allow you to include a bundled product inside another bundle product. It also doesn’t allow a bundled product to have a finite inventory amount based off the child products in the bundle.

To get around this, and deal with complex inventory tracking needs, we developed a new product type called a Set. A Set includes a number of products inside it (similar to a bundle) and can be added to a standard Bundled product in Magento. A Set’s inventory is based off the mix of Simple products associated to it – each Simple product can have a parent “ratio.” You can think of it like building a kit — the number of kits you have in inventory is the maximum number of kits you can put together based on the underlying parts.

On the frontend this allows the customer to configure their product, while getting correct pricing and inventory, on a single page. Take a look at this Boss Performance Suspension System. The main product page here is the bundled product, while options like “Vehicle Model Options – KDSS or Non-KDSS” are actually sets with a number of products inside them. Further down the “Add Aftermarket Upper Control Arms” option shows simple products with an additional fee.

All of this allows ToyTec to sell a product which includes over 20 different SKUs and hundreds of configurations on a single page!


Custom Features

While migrating the site for ToyTec we built custom features, improved the overall design and decreased the workload for their internal team. Here are a few highlights of our work:

Shipping Calculation

We added a number of advanced shipping calculations to allow ToyTec to estimate shipping with dimensions for their bundle and set products. We also setup their large items to work with freight rates.

Improved Search

We improved upon Magento’s out of the box search functionality and taught the team how to optimize as search data is gathered. Search not only returns products but articles written on the site as well.

Fast Sitespeed

ToyTec’s site was built with speed in mind and passes all the major speed tests including Google’s Pagespeed Insights test.


ERP System

We included a built in ERP system for Magento to allow ToyTec to ship, order and monitor their products right in Magento. The system also allows the team to see what items are reserved for orders and process back orders as inventory is replenished.

Responsive Design

We polished off the site with a responsive design that fixed many of the issues the client was unable to tackle on their previous website platform. The new site is mobile friendly and fast, making it easy for anyone in the back country to order right from their phone!

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