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Upgrade and Redesign for Aspect LED

From This…

Black Dog LED Before

…To This!

Aspect LED came to us looking for support with their Magento 2 website. We initially took them on as a client to review their set up and found during the audit process that their website was outdated and on an old version of the platform. During our review we also discovered their theme was no longer supported by the original developers.

Since Aspect was interested in completing a redesign of the website we decided to move forward with a two part project. One part upgrading the site to the latest version of Magento. The other part redesigning the frontend of the website using a supported theme.

The upgraded and redesigned Magento site includes:


Rubix Theme

The new site uses a theme from Blue Sky themes which offers ongoing support and free updates. Which is important long term for the client so they can keep their website up to date moving forward.

One Step Checkout

Improving on Magento’s notoriously bad checkout experience we opted to use a One Step Checkout extension instead. From there we worked to integrate it with Shipper HQ and Avalara, so everything works nicely together.


Advanced Configurations

We are using the Amasty Color Swatch Pro extension to give the client the functionality they needed to display a wide range of color and other configurations for their product line.


Google Analytics 4

Along side the upgrade for Magento we also upgraded the client’s analytics to the latest GA4. The site uses both client and server side reporting to make sure as much data as possible is collected.


Data Feeds

To improve the previous system where the client was manually updating their product data feeds we installed an automated generator so any changes to their product line are automatically communicated to their merchant accounts.

Power Supply Calculator

Each product the client sells requires different levels of power to work correctly. So we built out a custom power supply calculator that will be editable in the future by the client.


Custom Forms

Not only does the client sell products but they also craft custom solutions. To handle inquiries about creating a custom solution we used a custom form builder that allows the client to manage these forms easily in the Magento admin.

A Streamlined Redesign

Shopify Redesign Example

Cadence makes redesigning a Magneto 2 site easy with a streamlined approach that can be broken down into a few easy steps.

Step 1

Theme selection – our team reviews the client’s desired functionality and requirements, then helps them pick a theme.

Step 2

Cadence develops mock ups for the client which use that theme’s layout and components as a starting point. This helps save on development costs later on.

Step 3

Cadence reviews the extensions, integrations and existing site. From there we make decisions on how what to keep or what is needed for the implementation.

Step 4

Cadence wraps up the redesign by getting feedback from the client and doing QA using Browser Stack.


Finally we launch the new theme and work with the client on any post launch feedback. From there on out we are available to support the site for any small requests or new features the client needs.

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