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Redesign for Krayden

From This…

Krayden Before

Krayden is a problem-solving distributor that specializes in adhesives, sealants, solder, and coatings, as well as various types of specialty chemicals and solvents. Their catalog has thousands of different SKUS from major companies such as 3M and Dow.

The team at Krayden needed a better way to display and manage their content. They needed that CMS to have a seamless integration with their existing Magento based eCommerce site. Finally, they needed to update the overall look and feel of their website to stay ahead of their competitors.  That’s where Cadence Labs came in.

We helped Krayden integrate their existing CMS – WordPress – with Magento for a seamless design. From there we helped them theme both Magento and WordPress so the interior elements matched. Finally, we provided ongoing support and assistance updating their advanced system.

…To This!

User Experience for a Large Catalog

Custom Navigation

We collaborated with Krayden’s team and focused heavily on making the site easy to navigate and search.  Krayden’s navigation uses a wide dropdown with jQuery-menu-aim to detect where a user is moving their mouse. This helps ensure you end up in the right category and prevents the menu from feeling glitchy as you use it.

We also developed two different levels of search. A user can select either Product Catalog or All Krayden. By limiting a search for products specifically, a user who knows the specific SKU or item they are looking for can find it quickly. While users who want other information about a product or brand can search All Krayden to find techinical data sheets and learn more.

WordPress or magento

As a customer on Krayden’s website you won’t notice that you’re actually using two different platforms as you navigate the site. Seamless!

Responsive Design for b2b


Making your website friendly for all users and devices isn’t just for B2C anymore. B2B companies also need to invest in responsive design as more users switch to managing their business from phones and mobile devices.

Krayden’s new design makes it easy for users to search, find the specific chemical they need, and contact an expert if they need more information – all from their phone!


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