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Migration from a custom platform to Shopify

Todd Reed is a luxury jewelry designer based here in Boulder, Colorado.  His primary focus is in using recycled metals and raw diamonds to create one of a kind pieces.

The team at Todd Reed came to us looking to move away from their old eCommerce platform. The platform had been custom developed by an individual developer and this was limiting the company’s capabilities. Every time they needed to update the website they had to contact the developer to request those changes. This included everything from adding a new product to changing some text on one of their many pages.

Shopify stood out as a great fit for the company. The team would be able to easily update almost all of the website themselves. Shopify also integrated with their existing ERP system which would allow the team to keep real time inventory of the one of a kind pieces.

Another need that the team had was that they wanted to keep their current website theme as much as possible. While there were some small changes they wanted to make to the site the overall goal was not to change the website design.



Benefits of Switching to Shopify

PCI Compliant

Shopify’s platform is a secure & PCI compliant solution.

Responsive Layout

Shopify’s themes are made to be responsive – making the new website easier to use for all Todd’s clients.


The previous blog was hosted separately on WordPress, by moving it into Shopify we consolidated and improved its SEO value.

Real-time Inventory

With an integrated ERP system, the website now correctly shows what items are currently available for purchase and their delivery timing.

Easy to Edit

Shopify’s built in CMS and Theme system make it very easy for anyone to edit and update their website.
Colorado responsive website

Mobile Shoppers

Even for high-end, luxury items, shoppers are expecting that the website will work on their mobile device. The previous website did not use a responsive design and as such many mobile shoppers were immediately turned away. The new responsive design allows Todd Reed’s jewelry to look great across all devices and creates an overall impression of quality about the brand.

Did you know that having a fast, responsive website also increases your search engine rankings for those searching from their mobile device? Now more than ever having a responsive website is critical for you business.

Migrating to Shopify

When migrating a website there are a number of important steps you need to go through to ensure everything will work correctly. Migrating a website takes time and requires that you have buy in from all members of your team. Having migrated other websites in the past we took the following approach to make sure the project was successful.

1. SOW

To start we created a Scope of Work for the project to outline migrating Todd Reed’s functionality and design. We even connected with the ERP integration team to make sure those requirements could be met.

2. Design

Next we migrated over the design (frontend) of the website to a Shopify theme. We setup demo products, categories and more, then reviewed with the client.

3. Integration

Next we integrated the website with various plugins and the ERP system.  We started testing processes with the Todd Reed team and reviewed how orders would be processed.

4. Launch

Finally, we completed QA on the site and scheduled our launch. Once launched we worked closely with the team to address any remaining issues quickly.
The end result is a great looking website that is now easier than ever for the team at Todd Reed to maintain.

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