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Responsive Magento Website Development for Dollar General


From This…



Dollar General needed an updated and responsive website for their Tracfone and Net10 websites. Cadence Labs helped bring this project to completion by taking the PSDs designed by IMM and implementing them as a custom Magento theme. In addition, we created custom functionality to allow customers to choose both phones and plans.


…To This!


Custom Responsive Magento Themes

We implemented two separate themes based on PSDs provided to us by IMM. Each tab of the website runs on a different theme, which allows us to easily change out branding elements within the same layout. We also built a large amount of custom functionality, as described in more detail below.

Net10 Tab

Tracfone Tab

Custom Functionality:


Separate storefronts for each tab

By using separate storeviews, we can customize each tab with a different design, features and products.

Easy to edit content

Including sliders, banners and all product types.

Advanced Filters

Advanced filter by capabilities including by zip code, brand, price and more features.

Custom Compare

Ajax compare functionality and a custom comparison page which highlights important features.

Custom Add to Cart Flow

Customer adds a product to their cart.
Then they can choose to check out with just the phone, or add a corresponding plan.
Finally the customer is taken to a third-party checkout.

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