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Shopify Plus Website for Financial Tech Company

Binji is a new financial tech company that offers a unique product – a card that lets you consolidate all of your credit cards into one card. The new card allows users to easily select which card they want their charge to appear on and then make the purchase.

We worked with Binji to develop their new website on the Shopify Plus platform. The website design was provided to us and we implemented a pixel perfect version for this client, while also addressing some UX issues their designers overlooked initially.

Once the site design was completed we worked with Binji to complete a custom app which allows Binji to send data to their internal systems and warehouse. The custom app uses Laravel to communicate both ways as part of a REST API integration that also processes and queues the requests.

Benefits of Shopify Plus

PCI Compliant

Shopify’s platform is a secure & PCI compliant solution.

Responsive Layout

Shopify’s themes are made to be responsive, perfect for a mobile-centric company.


We used the Blog component of Shopify to build out not only the blog pages but also the press section of the site.

Real-time Integration

We built a custom Shopify app to integrate the Binji site with their backend systems. Making it easy to share real-time updates about orders, delivery status, track payments and more.

Easy to Edit

Shopify’s built in CMS and Theme system make it very easy for anyone to edit and update their website.
Colorado responsive website

New Site Build for Startup

We worked with Binji and their design team to implement the design on their Shopify website. Since the design was completed without specific dimensions for web we worked with them to interpret the correct sizing for the website design across responsive dimensions.

The new site includes easy-to-edit sections that allow the client to edit their own content, all while keeping the layout and formatting across the responsive dimensions.

With a mobile-centric product we made sure to pay close attention to the design of the mobile site. Our team did extensive work to ensure all elements of the site were user friendly, especially on iPhones and Android devices.


Custom Shopify Plugin

Binji needed our help with creating a custom plugin for the Shopify site to transmit data to their internal system. We developed a standalone application using Laravel PHP to queue orders for processing and transmit other information to their internal system. The standalone application allows Binji to do a number of functions that would not normally be possible in Shopify.

Charge after 90 days

Binji wanted to be able to charge customers only after 90 days have passed and if the customer had not met the minimum purchase amount on their Binji card. We captured the payment token as part of our API integration and fed this information to the internal system so that cards could be charged automatically at a later date.

Orders + Shipments

We built an API integration between Shopify and the internal Binji system to transmit all order information. Once an order is placed, the order is sent to the internal system. Then tracking information and shipment progress information is transmitted back to Shopify so that customers are alerted as the delivery progresses.

Tracking Customers

Next, we integrated the website with a tracking code to allow Binji to track customers from their website all the way through to their app. Binji now has a unified look of what actions their customers have taken across all of their platforms.

The end result is a website that is easy for the Binji team to update and helps keep their entire business in sync!

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