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Redesign for Rook Coffee

From This…

Black Dog LED Before

…To This!

Rook Coffee reached out to us to redesign their dated Shopify website. Our team met with them and discussed what direction they wanted to go for an updated design. We also discussed possible new functionality for the website which included developing a custom quiz, a new “be your own barista” section and improved subscription services.

While Rook worked on developing the content our team designed a colorful and playful layout for the new website. Then our development team implemented the new designs using Shopify’s improved 2.0 themes. When both sides were done we launched the new website with some cold brew cheers!



Shopify 2.0 Theme

Shopify has made it easier than ever to update and publish content on your site using their new Shopify 2.0 theme interface. This allows an easy drag and drop way to make beautiful pages with componets like sliders, featured products, videos and social media integrations.


Be Your Own Barista

Not all kinds of coffee are made the same and for Rook it was very important that their cold brew subscribers understood the product was a concentrate. This new page on their website helps users understand how to mix and brew the perfect cup.


Coffee Quiz

Using Typeform we helped the team at Rook develop a custom coffee quiz that users can step through to undestand what flavors or types of coffee would be a good match for them.


Coffee Flavors

Rook wanted users to be able to see all flavor options for a type of coffee on all product pages related to them. So our team constructed a custom way of linking across multiple product pages which makes it easy to see the wide variety of cold brews available.



Using Recharge for subscriptions our team updated and improved the look and feel of this plugin to make it easier than ever for customers to subscribe to their favorite skin care products. We also developed a custom subscription landing page to help users understand the process.


A Streamlined Redesign

Shopify Redesign Example

Cadence makes redesigning a Shopify site easy with a streamlined approach that can be broken down into a few easy steps.

Step 1

Theme selection – our team reviews the client’s desired functionality and requirements, then helps them pick a theme as a starting point to build upon.

Step 2

Cadence develops mock ups for the client which use that theme’s layout and componets as a starting point. This helps save on development costs later on.

Step 3

Cadence reviews the plugins, integrations and other features the client wants. Are there lots of messy plugins we can remove that are no longer used? Are there better plugins we could use that weren’t available when the old site was create?

Step 4

Cadence wraps up the redesign by getting feedback from the client and doing QA using Browser Stack to ensure the site works as expected.


Finally we launch the new theme and work with the client on any post launch feedback. From there on out we are available to support the site for any small requests or new features the client needs.

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