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Shopify Website Development for Gyeon USA

Gyeon USA is an auto detailing company that produces it’s own line of high end auto care products. Their auto detailing store has a range of products from coatings to interior cleaning. 

Cadence worked with this client to develop a new Shopify store and then an additional Shopify store for their wholesale / B2B customers. The two stores use the same theme, integrate with a backend ERP system and allow the client the full ability to market and process orders for these very different customer bases.

To develop the site Cadence started with an agreed upon theme and then integrated Shogun – a popular page building tool. After developing out templates for the client to use, our team trained the client on how to run their new website. From there the client built out their product pages which include everything you might need to know from proper usage to full video instructions.

Since launch Cadence works with this client on a support basis to make regular improvements and changes to the site.

Responsive Website

Custom Website For Shopify


Responsive Desktop and Mobile Designs

As with any site the starting point was creating layouts that made sense on both desktop and mobile. Many of the images, overlays, instructions and other elements which look great on desktop need to be resized and re-thought out for a mobile device. Our team helped identify these problem areas and refactor them to look great on a mobile device.



Shogun is a very popular tool used by many websites to create high end designs with less development time. We helped the client by integrating Shogun into their Shopify theme, then setting up templates for all of their pages. From there we also made custom componets in Shogun that allow for functionality that doesn’t come out of the box with this tool.


Versatile Product Pages

Not only is it important to sell a product but it is also important to include all of the information a customer might need about an item post-purchase. The product pages on this site help customers not only order but also see instructions, tips and other important information so they can be sure they are using the product correctly.


Wholesale Pricing

Every wholesale or B2B ordering system is unique, and for Gyeon it was important that we seperate out their website for B2C and B2B customers so that orders could be processed and handled differently. The second Shopify site is locked down to logged in / approved customers only and gives them access to the appropriate pricing on a per item and per customer segment level.


Custom Variant Selection

Gyeon’s theme allows customers to select variants right on the collection page and on the product detail page (PDP).


Easy To Edit PDP

Thanks to Shogun it is easy for the client to update and manage their lengthy product pages.


Custom Instagram Integration

An integration with Instagram allows the client to highlight recent posts using their products without needing to manually update the website.

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