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Website Design & Development for Skyline Supply Co.

Launching a New Brand


Skyline Supply Co. came to Cadence Labs in need of an eCommerce site for their new brand. They wanted a site that would help them stand out in the souvenir and travel apparel business, but didn’t know what they needed beyond that. We helped them with website design, advice on best practices, choosing from a variety of features and a marketing strategy to launch their new site.


One of the biggest priorities for the owners was making sure that their new site was optimized for search engines. We spent a large amount of time in this area to make sure the site was set up correctly from the start. By developing the content on the site for everything from products to informative pages we made sure that best practices were adhered to. We also went through the site and added all those important little pieces like Alt Text, Title Text and more. Lastly, we spent time making sure that this new site would be super fast and mobile friendly.


After launching the site we’re happy to report that the new site passes all of the reports in Webmaster Tools with flying colors! The owners are so happy with their new Magento site that they are considering moving their Volusion site over to Magento as well.


Key eCommerce Functionality

Fast Load Times

We pulled out all the stops, using everything from compressed files, a CDN & Bolt full page caching to create this super fast site.

Eye-Catching Sliders

We developed a series of eye-catching sliders to showcase the high quality products and cityscapes the brand represents.

Calls to Action

To foster customer engagement this site boasts a variety of calls to action like free shipping banners.

Instagram Feed

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks for Skyline’s demographic, so we added an Instagram feed to the footer to increase follows on this key network.

Amazon & Google Shopping Feeds

To make sure that Skyline’s apparel really is everywhere we added an Amazon & Google Shopping Feeds to the site.


We’ve fully optimized this site so that it will quickly rise in online search engine rankings. From alt text to a responsive layout Google will love this new site.

Responsive Design

Responsive websites are a popular and affordable way for small businesses to sell their products on mobile devices. With mobile traffic on the rise and great opportunities to reach mobile customers with ads on Facebook, we wanted to make sure that the new site would convert well across all devices.  Opting for a responsive theme helped Skyline stay on budget & on brand.

The responsive theme is already paying off, with more than 50% of the new company’s traffic occurring on mobile.  Equipped with their new site & responsive design, Skyline Supply Co. is set up for success.

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