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Website Design & Development for The Tea Spot

From XCart…

The Tea Spot is a local company in Boulder, Colorado that sells a variety of loose leaf teas and steepware online. We helped with with a total website migration from  XCart to Magento.

… to Magento!

Why the move?


Magento is the #1 eCommerce platform, accounting for 26% of all online stores.  It is also open source, which means the website would be built on a stable platform with plenty of adept developers to support it.

Maximized Functionality

Magento provided more functionality than X-Cart, especially when it came to The Tea Spot’s needs:

  • Ability to have separate Mobile, Tablet & Desktop stores
  • Ability to have recurring product subscriptions through SubscribePro
  • Advanced reporting and tracking
  • Customer loyalty points program through SweetTooth Rewards

Configured for Speed

Magento allows a CDN (Content Delivery Network) configuration for faster status resource delivery, which in turn produces a lightning fast site.

A Robust Admin Panel

Magento’s admin panel is very powerful and includes enhanced functionality in areas like order & customer management, reporting and promotional tools.

More than just migration, we…

Created a tablet, desktop & mobile version of the site, rendering them via dynamic serving.
Provided an optimized 1-step checkout to increase conversion rate.
Migrated 6+ years of product, order, review & customer data from XCart to Magento.
Added color swatch functionality for certain products like steepware that come in a variety of colors.
Added the functionality on categories and search to filter by tea types, caffeine level & tea character.
Configured a loyalty points program by Sweet Tooth Rewards that allows users to earn rewards with each purchase or actions like sharing products.
Created a product subscription program with automated recurring billing using Subscribe Pro.
Implemented a system that allows customers to store their credit card(s) for faster checkout
Used sprite sheets & a full-page caching model to improve load times. Then setup the Nexcess CDN for fast content delivery.

Design for Mobile


Even though The Tea Spot came to us with an existing design for desktop, they still needed a design for their mobile site.  We created an eye catching and easy to use mobile site format, complete with fast load times & high resolution images. We also helped The Tea Spot update their existing desktop & tablet designs, adding in content for new pages like the Loyalty Program.



See The Tea Spot Site for yourself!

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