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Website Redesign for Chase54

From this…

Chase54’s new branding required a complete redesign of their Magento website. We took their new brand guidelines and created an eye-catching site that really exemplifies their new tagline: For the Pursuit.

Beyond that we also included new functionality for the customers and site owners. On the front end we included functionality such as videos, color swatches, advanced search and speedy load times. Making it easier than ever for their customers to shop the site.

For the site owners we scrapped their impossible-to-use Magento based blog and moved this functionality to WordPress. Now it’s easy for them to update pages, write blog posts and share press releases. Additionally, we went through and fixed a majority of their on site SEO issues. Now they’re seeing more customers than ever from organic search!

… to this!

Responsive Done Right

Responsive Layout

Chase54’s old website wasn’t fully responsive. Users visiting the site on their phones couldn’t find products and often encountered bugs. We started their new site by implementing a responsive layout, ensuring it looked great, functioned perfectly, and loaded quickly on phones, tablets, and desktops. You can see the results for yourself!

Across Platforms

The new website not only runs Magento but WordPress too! Check out our blog post “How to use your Magento theme with WordPress” on how we made these two separate platforms work together and look great on different sized devices.

Lightning Fast

You can’t expect your customers to stick around if your site takes too long to load. Regardless of whether they’re visiting on a desktop computer or mobile phone, load time is everything. That’s why we used full-page caching, gzip compression, and image sprite-sheets for the new site.
Responsive web design

eCommerce Features


Deal Callouts & Sale Icons

We made it easier than ever for shoppers to find the deals they want right on the site. From “sale” icons on the products to special “deal” banners throughout the site, Chase54’s customers are always aware of the current promotions.

Color Swatches

Not sure what color “Dusk” is? Not to worry, when shopping the Chase54 site selecting a color automatically changes the photo. This way their customers will never pause to wonder and instead will head right to checkout.

Technology Highlight

All of Chase54’s products have special features that their new customers are not familiar with. To help solve this problem and educate their customers we created a special landing page to highlight each of these technologies.

Shop By...

To make sure Chase54’s customers find exactly what they are looking for we created special “Shop By” sidebars and an advanced search page. This way their customers can easily find the product in the size and color they want without having to shop the entire site.

The Results

No matter how great a new site looks it’s the results that matter most. That’s why we dove into the numbers a month later to see what kind of results the redesigned site had. Everyone is very pleased to see that even without the holiday boost the new site had an increased conversion rate. Not only that but the new newsletter popup functionality is getting more people than ever to subscribe.

Best of all, our hard work at making all the on site SEO we could has paid off. Organic search traffic is up a shocking 300%!

  • Conversion Rate Increase 53% 53%
  • Email Subscriptions 15% 15%
  • Decrease in Load Time 67% 67%
  • Decrease in Bounce Rate 3% 3%

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