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Mobile App Analytics

Mobile App Analytics

There are a variety of solutions for mobile application analytics that can be split into 3 different categories based on the type of analytics they provide: marketing, in-app analytics, and app performance (crash) analytics. First we’ll go ahead and talk about the differences between each category and then list some of our favorite services and what they can do.

Marketing Analytics

Marketing analytics services do the job of telling you how easily users are finding your app while browsing the web, the App or Play Stores, and can help you compare important metrics like downloads, views in the app store, or in-app purchases.

Some of our favorite marketing analytics service providers include:

  • App Annie – App Annie provides valuable insight into app market data to help you find new users in channels you never imagined.
  • Built-in tools on the iTunes Connect (App Store) and the Google Play Console – These tools provide the basic information regarding trends in your downloads, sales, and more.

In-App Analytics

In-App analytics are the gateway to understand what users are doing inside your app: How often are they navigating to a certain screen? At what point in a workflow does a user most often exit your app? With in-app analytics, you can track all kinds of users events and build reports to determine how to improve your app’s UX and UI design.

Some of our favorite in-app analytics tools include:

  • Google Analytics for Firebase Google Analytics comes with Firebase and provides all sorts of user device and demographic information out of the box.
  • MixPanel – define customer app or user events and send them to your MixPanel dashboard for generating reports and gather insights into how your users are using your app.

App Performance (crash) Analytics

Well, we saved the best for last. App performance analytics are probably the most valuable piece of analytics you can gather about your application. Simply put, the user behavior data gathered from in-app analytics won’t do you any good if your app is always crashing for your users at a certain screen. With performance/crash analytics in place, developers are able to track down app crashes with detailed bug reports and stack traces.

Some of our favorite app performance analytics tools include

  • Crashlytics – The standard in mobile app crash reporting software. Bugs and crashes don’t stand a chance when you’ve got Crashlytics!
  • RollBar – Rollbar is another great performance analytics tool for both web and mobile applications. With a super easy install and real time error alerts, your developers can stay on top of high priority incidents like crashes and Javascript errors.


Whether or not you’ve got an existing mobile application or are looking to develop one from the ground up, analytics tools like these are vital to your app’s success. Let the developers at Cadence Labs set up some meaningful analytics for your app to help drive users to convert in your app or help track down that pesky little bug that is causing crashes for your users.

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