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Magento 2 & Php 7.1 Fix: Function mcyrpt_module_open() is deprecated

So I wanted to try out Magento 2 on php 7.1 (I use ubuntu 16 xenial). Everything seems to be working — I ran into one issue with the mcrypt functionality being deprecated in php 7.1 On every page load I was receiving:

Function mcyrpt_module_open() is deprecated

Looking on github, it seems Magento is aware of this and mcrypt support will be removed in 2.2 (or maybe even 2.1.2).

However, if you’re like me (and you don’t want to wait) there is just one file that you need to patch. (I tried disabling the DEPRECATED warnings, however in developer mode it seems that Magento re-enables these).

The file in question is vendor/magento/framework/Encryption/Crypt.php. You need to go through the file and add the @ sign before any of the mcrypt calls (this instructs the php interpreter to suppress warnings generated from these lines).

For example:

$this->_handle = mcrypt_module_open($cipher, '', $mode, '');


$this->_handle = @mcrypt_module_open($cipher, '', $mode, '');


Pretty simple! If you don’t want to patch it by hand, download the modified version of the file here.


Alan Barber is the Lead Web Developer at Cadence Labs and a Magento Certified developer.


  1. teser

    Very usefull

  2. David Ford

    It is now Version 2.1.6 and still an issue. Magento needs to get default support for 7.1 working soon. They really cannot expect us not to keep our systems up-to-date?

  3. Frank

    thanks for your help,i just facing this problem

  4. Devendra

    Thanks, you save my time 🙂

  5. Guest

    Thank’s. Your post is very useful.

  6. Gustavo

    Any idea how i can bypass the installation check for mcrypt extension?

  7. ferhat

    thanks, problem solved.

  8. Love

    Thanks, you are my saver)

  9. vaibhav

    Awesome , thanks

  10. Poh

    Yeah, useful fix! Thank you

  11. Kuldeep Singh

    Thanks for the solution. Even for decrypt, seems like we have to prefix the @ suppressor.

  12. Dan Atrill

    Very helpful thanks. When will the commands catch up with PHP versions though?

  13. Ivan Setiadi

    Thank You 🙂

  14. jeff

    A life saver! and i appreciate the explanation.



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