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Free Magento 2 Facebook Tracking Pixel Extension

Free Magento 2 Facebook Tracking Pixel Extension

If you need to run Facebook ads, but if you don’t have easy access to a developer then getting the tracking code implemented for Facebook isn’t easy. Here at Cadence Labs we’ve created a free Magento 2 Facebook Tracking Pixel extension which is great for running retargeting ads on Facebook. Our extension will be on the Magento Marketplace soon.  With the extension installed on your Magento 2 site, you can track many of the various Facebook pixel events.


Download & install the extension through Magento Marketplace


Install manually using github:


mkdir -p app/code/Cadence/Fbpixel && git clone https://github.com/cadencelabs/m2-fbpixel app/code/Cadence/Fbpixel
php bin/magento setup:upgrade


Get Your Facebook Pixel

See the Facebook guide to creating and installing pixels here.

After you login to the Ads Manager, go to Tools -> Pixels


By default, you should see the Facebook Pixel Tab – you will find your Pixel ID on the right side of the screen:


Enter Your Pixel Id

Once you’ve found your Pixel ID, enter it into the Magneto admin under Stores -> Configuration -> Cadence Labs -> Facebook Pixel.

Our Extension Tracks Multiple Events

This extension supports stores with multiple currencies, and tracks the below events:

  • View
  • Purchase
  • Add To Cart
  • Add To Wishlist
  • Initiate Checkout
  • View Product
  • Search Products

You must enable the events you want to track in the admin.
**At this time Facebook does not track order IDs, products or other information about the purchase. We recommend tracking this information using Google Analytics.

Gillian Owen is the Lead Designer & Marketer at Cadence Labs and has over 5 years of Facebook Advertising experience.

Need help installing the extension?

We’ve had a lot of experience developing & installing extensions. If you need help, head over to the Cadence Labs contact page, or email us at [email protected]. We provide support for this and other Magento issues at affordable rates. 


  1. Gregory

    Seriously, you guys rock. I haven’t had an issue with any of your free extensions. I’d even be a tester if you need some help that way.

    Thanks for being such a giving outfit

  2. Make Vana

    I have installed Facebook Pixel tracking extension on Magento 2 website https://www.makevana.com.au. But it’s not working, I have enabled all events in admin, but no events are reported. I installed facebook pixel helper chrome extension to find out the issue and there is the error message. ” One pixel found – The Facebook pixel code on this page didn’t load, so no information was sent to Facebook”

  3. April

    Thanks for sharing, I have a question. Do I have to install the facebook pixel by extension? If I put the facebook pixel code into magento backend, is it work? Can I put it into this magento backend position (content->configuration->html head->scripts and style sheets) ?

  4. Martin Ericson


    What is the reason for not tracking products and and order information?

  5. Vins

    Great Work!
    But I have a problem using this plugin with Mageplaza One Step Checkout: the event “Initiate Checkout” is not instantiate.

  6. Karel

    Hi there,

    I’m having problems with installation on a multi-site environment in Magento 2. It seems to be hard to setup 2 pixels in different stores, and only the pixel from the ‘default config’ is being shown.

    Can this somehow be resolved? Cache and everything has been cleared.

  7. bharathi dasan

    Hi Gillian,
    I got a strange issue after installing the module.
    while adding Grouped products to cart the page freezes and reloads in a flash,but product is added to cart.
    This doesn’t occur if the module is disabled.
    Can you help me on this one.?

  8. Juergen Schreck

    How would I get a separate ‘review’ pixel on the payment step page of the M2 default checkout?


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