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Free Magento Product & Category Page Cache Extension – Improve load times by up to 90%

Free Magento Product & Category Page Cache Extension – Improve load times by up to 90%

Cadence Labs has discontinued our Product & Category Page Cache extension. Please see our article on using Lesti FPC.


  1. Adam

    Hello, I tried your extension and it is very good. But I have one question, how can I trace and measure page load time when there is cache hit or miss? Where in the code can I insert some measuring hooks?

    • Alan Barber

      Hey Adam,

      The module simply extends Magento’s native cache layer. The best way to benchmark would be to disable it within app/etc/modules/Cadence_Performance.xml Otherwise, it’s just adding cache qualifiers in: app/code/community/Cadence/Performance/Block/Catalog/Category/View.php

  2. Davi

    Hi. This module have some backend admin options?
    I can’t see…

    • Gillian Owen

      Hi Davi, it does not. Are you looking for anything specific to be able to change?

  3. Paolo

    PHP version on my server i 5.6.14.
    During installation I received an error like this:
    requires PHP version >= 5.3.0 and <= 5.6.0 current is: 5.6.14

    Is there a workaround?

    Thanks very much.

    • Paolo

      Hi again,
      I manually changed package.xml from 5.6.0 to 5.6.14 and It works like a charm.

      A page loaded in 2.6sec after the install, the same page was be loaded in 1.4sec. Great job.

  4. Pedro

    nice !

  5. js LEE

    it works with php7.0 too!


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