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Free Magento Facebook Tracking Pixel Extension

Free Magento Facebook Tracking Pixel Extension

3-20-2017 – Version 1.2.0: Updated To Support Multiple Events

** Remember to logout and login again after installing the extension! Otherwise you may see a 404 Not Found error!

Looking for the Magento 2.x version of this extension? Click here to view our Magento 2 post!


Almost everyone is jumping on board to try Facebook ads these days, but if you don’t have easy access to a developer then getting the tracking code implemented isn’t easy. Here at Cadence Labs we’ve created a free Magento Facebook tracking pixel extension to allow store owners to implement this code themselves. Our extension allows you to track anyone who visits your website along with any conversions (purchases) from your Facebook ad campaigns. We now also allow you to track additional events like Add To Cart, Add To Wishlist, View Product, Initiate Checkout, and Search Products.

To set the extension up you’ll first need to order the extension from the Magento Marketplace. Once you have installed the extension via your Magento Connect Manager, you should logout and log back in (otherwise you may see a 404 Not Found page). You’ll then need to get your tracking ID from the Facebook Ad Manager.

Is Magento Connect not working for you? You can also download and install the extension manually with this: Click here to download the extension as a .tgz

Note that this extension is licensed under the GPL 3.0 open-source license. Click here to read the license.

Version 1.2.0 – Support for Multiple Events Added

This extension utilizes The Facebook Pixel for all events. Please see Facebook’s official implementation guide here for more details.

Unlike previous versions of the extension, you need only enter one Pixel ID in the admin. This pixel will be used to track both visit and purchase events.

Get the Facebook Pixel

See the Facebook guide to creating and installing pixels here.

After you login to the Ads Manager, go to Tools -> Pixels


By default, you should see the Facebook Pixel Tab – you will find your Pixel ID on the right side of the screen:


Enter Your Pixel ID

Once you’ve found your Pixel ID, enter it into the Magneto admin under
System -> Configuration -> Cadence Labs -> Facebook Pixel

Our Extension Tracks Multiple Events

This extension supports stores with multiple currencies, and tracks the below events:

  • View
  • Purchase
  • Add To Cart
  • Add To Wishlist
  • Initiate Checkout
  • View Product
  • Search Products

You must enable the events you want to track in the admin.
**At this time Facebook does not track order IDs, products or other information about the purchase. We recommend tracking this information using Google Analytics.

Tips for Remarketing Campaigns

We run a number of re-marketing campaigns for a wide variety of clients on Facebook. In general we find that re-marketing is the most effective type of advertising you can do using Facebook’s ad platform. That said, here are some tips to make your re-marketing campaigns more effective:

  • Use your logo in any Right Side ads
  • Experiment with ads targeted at users who haven’t visited your site in the last 30 days.
  • Exclude users who have made a recent purchase (this can be done by excluding traffic that has visited your “success” url)
  • Use your most popular or best selling products in your ad images.
  • Remind customers of any free shipping over X offers
  • Experiment with ads that feature popular blog posts.
Gillian Owen is the Lead Designer & Marketer at Cadence Labs and has over 5 years of Facebook Advertising experience.

Need help installing the extension?

We’ve had a lot of experience developing & installing extensions. If you need help, head over to the Cadence Labs contact page, or email us at [email protected]


    • matheus

      Ola Alan Barber, deu Outro tipo de Erro eu Mudando a Linha 377, deu ESSE Erro: Parse erro: erro de sintaxe, inesperado ‘this’ (T_STRING), esperando variável (T_VARIABLE) ou ‘$’ em

    • matheus

      Hello Alan Barber, took another kind of error I changed the line 377, gave this error: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘this’ (T_STRING), expecting variable (T_VARIABLE) or ‘$’ in

  1. JR


    I’ve previously installed this extension on my site, and for the most part it seems to be working well (though I’ve not figured out how to view ‘both the order grand total & order currency’ as it states in the description above, even with the conversion pixel set up correctly).

    I have a question regarding some of the recent changes to Facebook’s pixels. I saw these two articles recently:




    Does your extension handle these things, or do I need to look into how to add all these various pieces of code to my site?

    Please advise.


    • Gillian Owen

      For the order grand total & order currency you should be able to see this data by adding it to your columns. You’ll want to add the “Checkouts Conversion Value” to your report in Facebook.

      Our code supports only the Facebook pixel base code at this time.

      • JR

        Thanks for the feedback. Adjusted my columns and the reporting is working just fine.

        Really appreciate this invaluable tool you’ve created.

        Thanks again!

  2. Ben Yates

    Thanks for the extension. I have installed via the extension key method but I get a 404 error when I attempt to configure the extension via system > configuration > cadence fb pixel. My Magento version is

    • Gillian Owen

      Hi Ben, You’ll need to log out of Magento after installing the extension and then log back in.

      • Ben Yates

        Thanks Gillian you’re a star

  3. IM

    I guess you don’t like my Comment?!

    theres an update from facebook to another technique. This kind of facebook pixel stops working in mid 2016.
    Is there a new extension featuring the new facebook pixel coming?

    • Alan Barber

      Hi! Sorry for the late reply; yes we’re aware this pixel is being discontinued and expect to release a new extension in the next 2-3 weeks.

    • Alan Barber

      We’ve uploaded a new version to support Facebook Pixels – instructions are en route, but if you feel daring you can download now and update with your facebook pixel id

  4. win


    After i installed Facebook Tracking Pixel and Conversion Code to my site, only one place required a pixel ID to add, not required visitor pixel and the conversion Id as what you showed in the article above, Something wrong or it is right? if it is right, pls tell me, which ID i should use in my admin backyard?

    • Alan Barber

      My apologies win, we had not finished updating our install guide yet. The new version of the extension supports the Facebook Pixel, and only requires 1 pixel id.

  5. Aamir

    “Page not found “When open Cadence configuration page.

    • Alan Barber

      Simply log out and log back in

  6. Burhan

    How many Events will be tracked using this extension

    • Gillian Owen

      Our extension only tracks the basic page view event. You can still gather data on events like “initiate checkout” by creating a custom conversion that tracks based on the URL. This can be found in the Power Editor under Tools -> Pixels -> Create Conversion -> Track Custom Conversion.

  7. George

    Right now im using your plugin (i have enabled Visitor Pixel) and at the success page i have added facebook pixel code manually with total price without vat. Is this wrong? Do i have to erase code from file and enable Conversion Pixel? I will use dynamic ads so does this plugin works with that?

    • Alan Barber

      I don’t think this is wrong – currently the plugin only supports displaying the grand total. So, if you need to customize that value (in your case, excluding VAT makes total sense) you would want to update the code located in:


      It sounds like you’ve made your own integration – if that’s the case, just make sure to not enable conversion tracking under our extension in the admin panel.

      Regarding dynamic ads, the extension should output the total based on each order total … as long as your total format is the same (either with or without VAT on each order) dynamic ads should be fine, as long as they’re integrated with the Facebook Pixel.

      I hope this helps!

  8. Emiliyan

    I am running PHP 5.6.19. I got a message in Magento Connect telling me that the PHP version should be below 5.6.9. Can this be fixed?

    • Alan Barber

      This has been updated to support all versions of php 5.

  9. Kevin Mei


    I noticed that the conversion tracking pixel will be disabled in October, 2016. I want to confirm that does this affect the function of your cadence lab extension since cadence lab also utilizing the conversion tracking pixel and custom conversion from Facebook pixel? My ultimately goal is to track users from they go from ad —> blog post —> download button on blog post —> app store —> actual download.orad OR —> blog post —> home page —> download button —> app store —> actual download. It’s pretty much tracking users after visiting our website, they click download anywhere else on our website. Can you provide the information as soon as possible?

    • Alan Barber

      The newest version of the extension uses the Facebook pixel and should not stop working in October 2016.

  10. Kevin Mei

    Another question, I cannot download the extension via the magento key. When I pasted the key on the chrome, I got HTTP 404 error cannot find page. Is there a solution for this issue?

    • Jenny Martinez

      Ok, just in order to help I found that you must log out and then login once again as M1 extensions to see the new functionality.

    • Alan Barber

      As with any M1 extension, you need to logout of your admin and log back in to see the system configuration update.

  11. Johann

    Hey there,

    to use Dynamic Ads of Facebook the Pixel needs to be enriched with following information…
    – content_ids
    – content_type
    – product_catalog_id

    …for these events
    – Search
    – ViewCategory
    – ViewContent
    – AddToCart
    – Purchase

    When will this be supported by your extension?

    Best regards,

    • Alan Barber

      Hi Johann,

      Our extension now supports a number of these events. Please see version 1.2.0.

      • Mike Rennie

        Hi Alan, I’ve just installed this extension but don’t see any ‘purchase’ event, how would I set this up? Thanks, Mike.

        • Gillian Owen

          Hi Mike,
          Purchase and Conversion are the same event to Facebook. Just make sure you have enabled the Conversion event in System -> Configuration -> Cadence Labs -> Facebook Pixel.

          • jia

            i have the same problem. i already enable it but dont see any pruchase event

  12. Dan Watson

    I have enterprise version. Will this work for me? Running

  13. Joe Deli

    Installed this extension recently, I have two stores and it is only importing from one store?

    • Alan Barber

      Hi Joe,
      Is the extension configured under both of your store views?

  14. Jared

    Trying to update to the latest version of this plugin on a site running on Magento (PHP version 5.5) and when I install the plugin I get 500 errors on all of my products. The debug tool refers to an issue with the observer.php file.

    Anyone else have this issue?

  15. zengjia

    Hi I Already enable the conversion event, but i didnt see any conversion or purchase event on my PIXEL pAGE. UNDER system and configuration i have already enable the conversion event.

  16. Stephane

    The extension not working with configurable product type ( one product page based on configurable product with all simple products ) => is there a way to do it simply ?

  17. David

    I’ve noticed that FB pixel helper is reporting an error on some pages. The error message is:

    We detected event code but the pixel has not activated for this event, so no information was sent to Facebook.

    For example on my One Page Checkout /success page the conversion seems to be recorded with noscript tag instead of provided JSON string

    My Pixel code looks like this:

    fbq(‘init’, ‘2071158503********’);
    fbq(‘track’, “PageView”);

    fbq(‘track’,’Purchase’, {
    value: 120.76,
    currency: ‘GBP’,
    content_ids: [“TEST123″,”TESTFROZEN”,”TESTALCOHOL”,”2270″,”2258″,”2688″,”2692″,”2796″,”2664″,”3017c”,”2644″,”DC003″,”3001″,”2612″,”2344″,”241222″],
    content_type: ‘product’,
    num_items: 16 });

    Can’t debug this myself. Any help appreciated.


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